2010 Georgia Code TITLE 16 – CRIMES AND OFFENSES CHAPTER 17 – PAYDAY FINANCING В§ 16-17-1 – “Payday financing” defined; legislative findings; prohibited task; no disability of agencies with concurrent jurisdiction

O.C.G.A. 16-17-1 (2010) 16-17-1. “Payday financing” defined; legislative findings; prohibited task; no disability of agencies with concurrent jurisdiction

(a) Without restricting in any way the range for this chapter, “payday financing” as found in this chapter encompasses all transactions for which funds are advanced become paid back at a later time, notwithstanding the fact the deal contains more than one other elements and a “payday lender” will probably be person who partcipates in such deals. This concept of “payday lending” expressly includes the exceptions and examples found in subsections (a) and (b) of Code Section 16-17-2.

(b) even though the Attorney General for the State of Georgia has opined in certified Opinion 2002-3 joined on June 27, 2002, that payday financing is in breach of Georgia legislation and even though the Industrial Loan Commissioner has given cease and desist requests against various payday loan providers into the State of Georgia, the typical Assembly has determined https://paydayloanstexas.net/cities/hamilton/ that payday lending continues within the State of Georgia and therefore there are maybe not adequate deterrents into the State of Georgia resulting in this unlawful task to stop.

(c) the typical Assembly has determined that various payday loan providers have actually developed certain schemes and practices so that you can make an effort to disguise these transactions or even cause these deals to seem to be “loans” made by a nationwide or state bank chartered an additional state for which this kind of financing is unregulated, and even though a lot of the profits in this financing technique are compensated to your payday lender. The typical Assembly has further determined that payday financing, regardless of the illegality of such task, keeps growing within the State of Georgia and is having an effect that is adverse armed forces personnel, the elderly, the economically disadvantaged, along with other residents for the State of Georgia. The typical Assembly has further determined that significant unlawful and civil charges over and above those presently current under state legislation are essential so that you can prohibit this task within the State of Georgia and also to result in the cessation of the task for good. The typical Assembly further declares that these kind of loans are unlawful as they are in breach of Code Section 7-4-2. The typical Assembly declares that the usage agency or partnership agreements between in-state entities and out-of-state banks, whereby the agent that is in-state a predominant financial desire for the profits produced by payday advances designed to Georgia residents, is a scheme or contrivance through which the representative seeks to circumvent Chapter 3 of Title 7, the “Georgia Industrial Loan Act,” while the usury statutes with this state.

Payday financing involves loans that are relatively small will not encompass loans that include interstate business.

(d) certain lenders that are payday tried to make use of forum selection clauses included in pay day loan documents to avoid the courts associated with State of Georgia, and also the General Assembly has determined that such techniques are unconscionable and may be forbidden.

(age) Without restricting in every way the scope for this chapter, the typical Assembly declares that it’s the basic intent for this chapter to reiterate that into the State of Georgia the training of participating in activities commonly described as payday lending, deferred presentment solutions, or advance money solutions along with other comparable tasks are unlawful and also to fortify the charges for many participating in such tasks.

(f) This chapter by no means impairs or restricts the authority issued into the commissioner of banking and finance, the Industrial Loan Commissioner, or just about any other regulatory authority with concurrent jurisdiction within the issues stated in this chapter.

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