Ashley Alexiss on Curves, Dating and Exactly What Every Guy Should Be Aware

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Speeding along any road that is curvy be a high-risk predicament, specially when you’re perhaps perhaps not using your chair gear. Because of this, we strongly recommend onto the treacherous terrain of glamour/lingerie model, Ashley Alexiss that you strap yourself to the nearest tree stump before we unleash you.

Boasting a caution score of DD, and an enjoyable element of 36-29-39, Ashley is certainly one girl whom just could be too hot for some males to take care of. Would you think you’ve got what must be done making it one lap for this track? We did too, and also this is exactly what took place next:

Credit: Robert Sleeper Photography

Urbasm: Hi Ashley, just exactly what all are you experiencing happening this present year us about that you can tell?

Ashley Alexiss: we have actually a lot of brand brand new publications being released this current year. Covers and features, it is likely to be amazing. In addition to the big thing; my swimwear line, ALEXISS, will soon be debuting in only a couple weeks.

Day Urbasm: Cool, just in time for Valentine’s. Who can become your clientele?

Ashley Alexiss: The line is catered towards chestier, curvy ladies who are searching for a swimsuit this is certainly supportive yet fashionable. The motto is Beauty is certainly not a Size, and i recently would you like to assist ladies find their self- self- self- confidence once more.

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Urbasm: look at these guys Well, you’re the perfect role model for the. just just What do you consider was the key to your success; whom you understand or just exactly just how well you understand yourself?

Ashley Alexiss: needless to say it does not hurt to understand individuals in the industry, but we began with once you understand nobody. I literally been employed by day-out and day-in to access where i will be. It’s exactly about passion, drive, determination, and remembering just what you’re towards that are working.

Urbasm: what exactly is one thing about yourself that many individuals might not understand?

Ashley Alexiss: we really have mind. I’ve my Bachelor’s degree in Communications and am presently getting my Master’s level running a business and Marketing and intend on furthering my training through getting my PhD in Marketing too.

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Urbasm: A PhD… now that is sexy. Just exactly What do you really find sexy in regards to an intellect that is man’s? Can it be their wit, understanding of wine, or something different totally?

Ashley Alexiss: a man is loved by me that is sharp-witted and will think on their legs. We additionally love a man who is able to make me personally think outside of the field. It’s absolutely a unique and quality that is unique. And several familiarity with wine would hurt n’t.

Urbasm: exactly what makes you are feeling specially sexy whenever you’re out and about?

Ashley Alexiss: I adore something that accentuates my curves, whether it is a set of jeans, a tee, plus some pumps; or just a little dress that is black my red bottoms. I really believe an ensemble is not complete without having a look and self-confidence.

Credit: Robert Sleeper Photography

Urbasm: With that much self-confidence, we’d imagine you’ve been the “wing woman” for your buddies a period or two?

Ashley Alexiss: I’m always the wing that is damn for several of my buddies; both women and men (laughs). I’m a fantastic one too!

Urbasm: why is you therefore effective at it?

Ashley Alexiss: I am able to usually have them away from awkward circumstances because we inform them simply to blame me personally (laughs), or we speak up for them whenever they’re too bashful. I’m the outspoken and outbound one of several team; a combination that is perfect being truly a wing girl.

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Urbasm: and also as our perfect wing woman, we’d love us the three things every guy should know about dating for you to tell?

Ashley Alexiss: Men need certainly to comprehend that times might have changed, but chivalry shouldn’t be dead. Keep the egos in the home; and lastly, don’t forget to be your self. Gaining an work sucks; there’s no alternative way to phrase it because ultimately, you must stop the work and then exactly just exactly what? If you’re yourself right away, we are able to appreciate you for many you are.

Urbasm: so we are better guys now as a result of your advice. It was a pleasure Ashley. Many thanks.

Credit: Robert Sleeper Photography

Ashley happens to be showcased in Playboy in a few various nations; but never ever when will you get a glimpse of her completely nude. This is because Ashley prefers to keep a percentage of by by by herself a secret, and we also can simply appreciate a small secret to go with our dreams. Ashley can also be talented in dance and acting and it is extremely gifted with wit and insight. Connect if you think you can handle her, that is with her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.